Eddy has been adopted!

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Eddy's Story

Four wonderful kittens were born in a woodpile on a farm on the coast side. Although the family have tried, they have been unsuccessful in getting Mom cat spayed. Life for kittens on a farm is very hard, so the kittens were rescued and came to CIW. They are sweet kittens who are a little shy with new people but once in your arms, they cuddle down and love the strokes and pets. The kittens have had their kitten vaccinations and have tested negative for feline aids and feline leukemia. They have all been spayed and neutered. Raven will be adopted with his sister,  Ms Tucker. Their personalities are still developing and they need another kitten to help them become the best companions they can be. Will your family be the lucky family to invite these two beautiful kittens to join your family?

BreedDomestic Short Hair
LittermatesGigi, Lucy, Oliver

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Join us at Kibbles & Gifts in Half Moon Bay and meet your new best friend!

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Sat, Aug 3 Kibbles & Gifts, Half Moon Bay see complete schedule