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Zoe's Story

Although the girls are not sisters, they have grown up together. Izzy is a year younger than Zoe. Their first family are moving out of the country and felt the trip would be too stressful for the girls. So they made the painful decision to ask for help to find the girls a new forever family. The girls depend on each other for emotional support. They want to stay together. Both girls are spayed, current with their vaccinations, are microchipped and are ready to give all their love to their new forever family. Has your family been looking for 2 wonderful girls to join the family and give you all the love and attention you could ever wish to have.

 My name is Zoe and I’m in excellent health for a lady of nine years of age!  I am a tabby cat, and if I may say so myself, I’m a beauty with a gorgeous white bib, cinnamon undercoat, and some awesome striped legs!  Quite simply put – I am a true lioness. I was adopted by my Mom at the Silicon Valley Humane Society when I was a little bit older than 2 months.  I grew up with another cat named Kobe who was very sweet at first, but then became a bit of a bully, so he packed his bags and moved elsewhere. I think that’s what made me a bit shy. However, once I get to know you and you get to know me, I’m yours forever!

I’m also incredibly smart – I know what’s going on!  If I’m trying to sneak some of my sister’s food and you calmly say “no,” I will go away
(I won’t want to mind you, but I can respect boundaries if reminded). If you aren’t feeling well and sing out my name a few times, I’ll come to your side to make you feel better.  I’m sensitive and caring and only ask for a head and neck rub and a scratch on my derrière!  I’m also a very gentle lady and would never scratch or be aggressive with my humans.

I love chasing scrunched up paper receipts and flying toys (I figured out they aren’t really birds, but hey, it’s still fun!  I’m an
explorer and will check everything out!  I have a very active imagination and sometimes chase my own tail or do a dance around the
door where the food is stored!  I also like curling up on Mom’s lap when she has a blanket over her legs – I like sleeping anywhere that
is soft and cozy.  I especially like laying in the sun and enjoying gazing out the window at the world and the birds!

I also love my little bed and blanket and I like hiding and sleeping under my Mom’s bed.  Additionally, I know it sounds weird, but it
always calms me down when my Mom sings to me – my favorite tune is “Soft kitty, warm kitty. . “ from that TV show “The Big Bang Theory.” Perhaps some of my favorite things to do are to sit in front of the fire, the computer, or a bottle of bubbly water!

I don’t think I would like to be around other pets, because even when my “sister” Isabella Rossellini comes home from the vet, I get scared because I think she’s a different cat and sometimes I hiss at her – I’m never aggressive, but I do make a noise for a few days – Isabella doesn’t even care  I also don’t want a bunch of little kids chasing me around the house!  I really just want to be in a home where I can be with Isabella and where we will be deeply loved.

Age10 years
BreedDomestic Short Hair
ColorBrown brown tabby
LittermateIsabella Rossellini (Izzy)
Please note
  • Zoe should be adopted with her best friend
  • Indoor only

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