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Lana's Story

In the middle of June, 2017, five beautiful kittens were seen running around in a coast side neighborhood backyard. The neighbor contacted rescue people to help these little ones escape the feral life. Although it took some time, these beautiful kittens were trapped and brought inside. Mom cat was also trapped and spayed. The person who trapped the kittens contacted CIW to see if we could help find the kittens their forever homes and we could. The kittens were all healthy, social kittens. They were all current with their vaccinations, are spayed and neutered, are micro-chipped and tested negative for feline leukemia and aids. The kittens were all adopted to lovely families but as sometimes happens, things change. Beau and Lana's Mom, developed an allergy to the kitties and the difficult decision was made to return them to CIW. These 2 beautiful babies are again looking for their forever home together.

Beau is a big, friendly boy. He is very sweet and loves cheek scratches and pets, and will often come out and greet you with a little chirp when you come home. He enjoys sleeping on the bed with you and lounging around on the couch or on his cat bed. He is very playful, and he can entertain himself by throwing his mouse around the room, or dashing around after a wand toy. He also loves pouncing on his sister, Lana, and trying to get her to play with him. Beau is a healthy boy who is neutered, current with his vaccinations, and microchipped. Beau is a big honey bear who is looking for his forever home!

Lana is a loving girl, and although she takes a bit longer to warm up than her brother, once she gets to know you she is very affectionate. She loves winding around your legs, especially around feeding time or when you’re trying to get out the door for work. Lana loves sitting on her cat tree, and she can lounge the day or night away gazing out the window. She loves to occasionally hunt and pounce on a wand toy or toss a little play mouse around the room.She loves to occasionally hunt and pounce on a wand toy or toss a little play mouse around the room.She grew up around kids and is very comfortable even with toddlers. Lana is a healthy girl who is current with her vaccinations, is microchipped and spayed.  Lana is a beautiful, gentle cat, who is looking for her forever home!

If you have been looking for 2 cuddle bunnies like Beau and Lana, they are waiting to hear from you.

Age6 years
Colorwhite with orange and black
LittermatesBeau, Gemma, Malia, Marlowe
Please note
  • Lana should be adopted with a littermate
  • Lana is ok with small children
  • Indoor only

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Adoption fairs are back!

We are happy to announce that after more than two years, CIW is holding adoption fairs again. Join us at Kibbles & Gifts in Half Moon Bay and meet your new best friend!

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