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Archie was picked up as a stray in Hollister. He was very thin, matted, covered in foxtails, grease, and fleas. This 5 year old little guy has been through alot. He either escaped his home or was dumped and had to survive on his own but in either case, no one came looking for him. He had an ear infection, possibly from a foxtail and a sore front leg but that was soon resolved. We also found that Archie had a very painful condition called floating kneecaps (luxating patellas). We thought that Archie was all better so we set up a grooming appointment for him only to find that he wouldn’t let the groomer touch his front feet. Back to the Vets he went and we found that he had lost a toe nail from one foot and his foot was badly infected but antibiotics cleared that up. He is a sweet little guy who gets along with dogs and people and deserves a wonderful future! Now he has a chance at the future he deserves with a Mom who loves him to bits and pieces! Eureka!!!!

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