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November surprise! Meet Holly, Ruby, and Blanche

November 11th was not only a special day in history but a special day for Companions in Waiting. Little foster dog Mara surprised us by giving birth to 3 beautiful puppies — all girls and all white (for now). We had no idea that Mara was pregnant when we took her in, but what a great little Mom she is. The girls are pudgy little bundles of fun. Now that their eyes are open, they are starting to explore their environment but they still look to Mara for protection and warmth. When they are old enough they'll be spayed and vaccinated, and then they'll be ready for their forever homes.

If you'd like to help save more puppies like these, please consider becoming a foster home for Companions in Waiting. If you can't foster, your donations can help us provide food, medical care, and more for these puppies and and others like them.

new puppies Holly, Ruby, and Blanche

See more photos of Blanche, Ruby, and Holly here!

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