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Isabella Rossellini (Izzy)'s Story

Although the girls are not sisters, they have grown up together. Izzy is a year younger than Zoe. Their first family are moving out of the country and felt the trip would be too stressful for the girls. So they made the painful decision to ask for help to find the girls a new forever family. The girls depend on each other for emotional support. They want to stay together. Both girls are spayed, current with their vaccinations, are microchipped and are ready to give all their love to their new forever family. Has your family been looking for 2 wonderful girls to join the family and give you all the love and attention you could ever wish to have.

My name is Isabella Rossellini, or “Izzy” for short.  I am a tuxedo black and white cat and have been told that I am the sweetest and most beautiful cat in the world!  I was adopted by my Mom at the Silicon Valley Humane Society when I was about 4 months old.  The Humane Society gave me the name “Mathilda,” which I hated, and as I knew I had star quality, I was delighted that Mom agreed and changed my name to Isabella Rossellini!

My most admirable features:  I am a sweetheart, have a motorboat purr, have the silkiest and softest coat, and will lay by your side all the time if given the chance. I truly love being on a nice blanket or towel.  Sometimes it’s fun to play with the towel and make a mess of
it, and other times it’s nice to just smell the catnip toys and roll on my back with my pretty white belly up in the air for everyone to
admire!  It’s not an invitation to pat my tummy though – I usually like a rub on my derriere, and then I’ll make the fall, turn, and roll and wait for the chin and ear scratch! Purrrrrfect!

I sometimes will chase the laser light beam toy around and around and around in circles – still haven’t caught it yet!  To be truthful, I
don’t have the time or energy to play games – I generally think it’s a bit stupid to run after imaginary things.  I would rather just be up
on the couch by your side or at your feet. Give me a little time to get to know you and then I’ll love you forever!

Bedtime is my favorite time because I get to hop up on the bed and snuggle with my humans. I usually look them right in the eye, bat my
long lashes and then ask if it’s OK to jump up!  Never fails! Additionally, every night before I crawl up on my human’s bed, I like
to go to my toy basket, dive in, and find a little toy to bat around. If I’m feeling particularly generous, I will take the toy to my human.
Anyway, that’s what I like to do before bed – kind of a little ritual which suits me just fine!  I do all of this while singing out with my little meow.  Mom said that when I was young, I must have strained my larynx, so my meow is more like a high-pitched sigh – it’s cute, or so
I’ve been told.

OK – now this is weird.  I don’t like hearing the sound of garbage bags being opened – it’s almost as bad as the dreaded vacuum cleaner. At the same time, I love chewing plastic bags – go figure!  Mom makes sure that plastic isn’t around, which is no fun, but she says it’s not good for my digestion!  I should add that it’s not safe to have plants in the house because both Zoe and I like chewing those too!

I just know I was born to be loved and I have a lot of love to give as well!

Age10 years
BreedDomestic Long Hair
ColorBlack and White
Please note
  • Isabella Rossellini (Izzy) should be adopted with her best friend
  • Indoor only

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