Daisy C has been adopted!

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Daisy C's Story

Daisy came to my mom as a kitten from a friend's mom from Scotts Valley, CA. There was a litter of kittens born behind her house. She has lived with my mom for all her 11 years of life until her ( my mom) death in August. She has been able to stay in my mom's house since then and she gets visits often. She is a bit lonely, misses my mom and needs more companionship.
Daisy is shy to strangers, will run and hide from new people. She will let you know if someone is at your house by her reactions. My mom was hard of hearing but knew if someone was out in front because of Daisy. She can be very affectionate to her owner. Loves to be rubbed on the face and head but be aware, especially when she lays down.She has been known to turn and scratch. You can make sure to let her know this is not ok and learn when to stop petting her before this happens. 
She has only lived with an elderly woman with no other pets.  Not sure she would do well with kids. She would probably try to avoid them. She uses a kitty litter box.
She is current with her vaccinations and has tested negative for feline leukemia/ aids. Now she just needs to find the family that has been looking for a wonderful kitty companion like Daisy.Is that your family?

BreedDomestic Short Hair
Colorbrown tabby

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