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Little Joey

Little Joey Little Joey #2
 Joey's first family decided that they really didn't want this 2 year old sweetheart so they left him in in a cage in the front yard most of the time. The cage had rough wire on the door. Joey tried his darndest to get out of the cage using his nose which took a beating - rubbing most of the hair off his muzzle. He succeeded in getting out and one of the neighbors saw him and rescued him. When the family was asked if they wanted him back, they said "No". That's when CIW was called.  Joey quickly learned his indoor good manners, caught up on his vaccinations and was neutered and microchipped. He won  the hearts of everyone who met him. He only had one more thing to do and that was to find his forever family. One day he met a lady who told her brother about Joey and showed him a picture. The man knew right away that Joey was meant to be with him and we agreed! Joey has the best of all worlds. When Dad is at work for long days, Joey spends days with the sister. Otherwise he gets spoilt by Dad. Who wouldn't love that? Congratulation to you all!!!

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